Hi! I'm Ashley, a Nashville-based poet and abstract artist working with acrylic and mixed media.

My mornings start early, in the comfort of my sunlit home, a large pot of coffee on my kitchen table. Curled up near to my rabbit, I pour my monkey mind into the pages of my notebook and map out the day's creative work, whether that be a gallery or journal submission, a new poem, or a new series of paintings. When not creating, I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading, hiking, and participating in local arts and literary communities.

I'm easily won over with a good beer or podcast recommendation.


artist statement

As a highly-sensitive yet sensory-seeking person, navigating life can sometimes feel like driving with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. I have strong moods, whims, and appetites and am deeply impacted by my environment. Creating art is an essential piece of my self-care, giving me the space to explore my sensory needs and process each day's stimulation.

While largely inspired by representative work remnant of my late Grandfather’s art, in the past few years, my creative practice has also come to include more and more abstract work. I trace this shift back to my formative years when I was desperate to capture subjects “perfectly” and my father would push me to knock it off. To enjoy the process. To play.


the first daughter born into the Trabue family in generations,

I come from a family of makers and entrepreneurs.  Growing up, I was encouraged to draw and paint by my father, hobbies he picked up from his father, a celebrated draftsman and prolific artist whose work was naturalistic and precise.

My creativity was also nurtured at school where I was recognized as artistically gifted and given time to develop those interests. I participated in local art shows, markets, won awards, and eventually studied painting as part of my undergraduate degree.

Since 2012, I have studied and taught in the field of early-childhood education and am an American Montessori Society certified teacher for ages 3-6. My time in education equipped me with new ways of understanding the world, myself, and what I want out of life. I recently stepped out of the classroom to devote more time to my art.




2018   July featured Artist Outdoor Classic Structures, Franklin Art Scene, TN
2018   May Featured Artist, Frothy Monkey, Franklin, TN
2018   Group exhibit, domestic environment, Nashville, TN
2017   Art Comes Alive, Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati, OH
2016   Horizon: Contemporary Landscapes, Community Arts Center, Danville, KY


Works held in private collections throughout the United States


2014 American Montessori Society 3-6 certification
2012 Belmont University, Bachelor of Arts in English, Elementary Education, and Painting



I like to work on many pieces at a time, with the process for each informing that of the others. I keep my in-process works on display throughout my home, so I can gauge my response to them at any given point in my day, listening for what's next. My practice regularly spills out of my studio and into the open living area I share with my gracious husband and our house rabbit.


When I paint in the abstract, the process is intuitive, physical, wildly expressive, and cathartic.

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