I am a Nashville-based poet and abstract artist working with acrylic and mixed media.

My mornings begin early with a large coffee, a notebook, and a pen. Curled up near to my rabbit, I fill up a few pages of "monkey mind" and map out my day's trajectory. I love being able to work from my home alongside my husband, also a writer, who graciously shares his living space with a continuous stream of art that spills out from my studio. 

When I’m not creating, I garden, cook, read, hike, nanny, and participate in local arts and literary communities. I am easily won-over by a good Saison or excellent podcast recommendation.

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— Claire C.


For the past five years, I’ve studied and taught in the field of Montessori education and am an American Montessori Society certified teacher for ages 3-6. I love to support children’s natural rhythms of development and work with them as they practice basic skills of physical, social, and emotional independence. I continue to partner with families outside of the classroom to support holistic development of their kids. 


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— Hope K.



2018   July featured Artist Outdoor Classic Structures, Franklin Art Scene, TN
2018   May Featured Artist, Frothy Monkey, Franklin, TN
2018    Group exhibit, domestic environment, Nashville, TN
2017   Art Comes Alive, Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati, OH
2016   Horizon: Contemporary Landscapes, Community Arts Center, Danville, KY


Works held in private collections throughout North America


2014 American Montessori Society 3-6 certification
2012 Belmont University, Bachelor of Arts in English, Elementary Education, and Painting


I prefer to work on many pieces at a time, with the process for each piece informing that of the next, as the art develops a language of its own. Because I work in this way, my practice regularly spills out from my studio and over-takes the living room I share with my gracious husband and rabbit. I like to keep my in-process pieces on display throughout my home, so I can gauge my response to them at any given point in the day and determine what needs to happen next.

My process is driven heavily by color and texture, and I love to experiment with acrylic, ink, pastels, fiber, and collage.