“Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one after you grow up.”
-Pablo Picasso

Photo by Kevin Lajoie

Photo by Kevin Lajoie

m y s t o r y

Born into a family of makers and entrepreneurs, my creativity was encouraged and enriched from a young age. Throughout my childhood, I explored and studied drawing, choreography, textiles, photography, painting, and more and this compulsion to create remained with me through each phase of development.

After graduating from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Arts, I specialized in Montessori education and spent five years teaching at a local Montessori school. While I love working with children and facilitating holistic growth through their areas of interests, leading a classroom began to take its toll on my own creative development and output, and in 2018 I left the classroom to devote more resources to deepening my studio practice.

Photo by Michael Cheng

Photo by Michael Cheng

s t a t e m e n t

As both a sensory-seeking and highly-sensitive person, navigating life can sometimes feel like driving with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake.

I have strong moods, whims, and appetites and am deeply impacted by my environment. Creating is an essential piece of my self-care, giving me the space to explore my sensory needs and process each day's stimulation.

As I create, this dynamic of seeking/withdrawing manifests on the page, as I oscillate between pushing the medium to the verge of catastrophe and reigning it in.

When I paint, the process is intuitive, physical, wildly expressive, and cathartic.

p r o c e s s

I work on multiple pieces at once, usually from the same palette, and in this way, I am able to pause and respond in between layers. The process is akin to the way relationships develop over time—an accumulation of intimacy, experience, and trust. Never exact or perfect but fumbling through it together. Working toward shared balance and joy.

I spend time with my practice each day, working in chunks of uninterrupted time. Some days I put in long hours while others include more time for recharging activities—hiking, reading, visiting art exhibits, baking, dancing, and gardening.

Inspiration for my work comes from a fascination of human behavior, neurological processes, and the natural world.

Photo by Michael Cheng

Photo by Michael Cheng

c u r r i c u l u m v i t a e




2018 The Essence of Form, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, Clayton, MO
2018 Artists’ for AWAKE, Nashville, TN
2018 Horizon: Contemporary Landscapes, Community Arts Center, Danville, KY
2018   July featured Artist Outdoor Classic Structures, Franklin Art Scene, TN
2018   May Featured Artist, Frothy Monkey, Franklin, TN
2018   Group exhibit, domestic environment, Nashville, TN
2017   Art Comes Alive, Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati, OH
2016   Horizon: Contemporary Landscapes, Community Arts Center, Danville, KY


Works held in private collections in North America and Europe.


2014 American Montessori Society 3-6 certification
2014 North American Montessori Educational Institute, emphasis in art curriculum
2012 Belmont University, Bachelor of Arts in English, Elementary Ed, and Painting