choosing focus


choosing focus

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  • Varied limited edition of four

  • Each print comes hand-number, titled, and signed along the bottom trim.

  • Printed on archival Somerset Velvet paper with giclée ink

  • Sold unframed and carefully packaged

for Ali

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“My journey is one that is based in functionality, not necessarily physical image. I had a stroke my junior year of high school that resulted in losing sensation in the left half of my body, as well as decreased dexterity and function. I simply couldn’t understand why my body was failing me. I became frustrated with what were considered every-day tasks and became resentful of my body for it.

…I have slowly come to realize that my body does not need to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be the shape or size society wants it to be. It doesn’t have to work as well as other people’s. It’s ok that on bad days, my face droops to one side. It’s ok that I have days that are harder than others and not everything is easy.

It is my body. Mine. It is stronger and more beautiful than I ever thought it would be.” — Ali J., body positivity contributor