choosing to love yourself


choosing to love yourself

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Varied limited edition of four

  • Each print comes hand-number, titled, and signed along the bottom trim.

  • Printed on archival Somerset Velvet paper with giclée ink

  • Sold unframed and carefully packaged

for Lauren

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“There came a time when my actual weight was starting to cause health problems. I lost 100lbs and felt great but I still heard the voice in my head saying that I still wasn't good enough. No matter how many people would compliment positively on my appearance I didn't believe them, I would just think they were lying. I could not accept the fact that I might actually be beautiful. Which is no surprise considering I had spent my whole life thinking and being told I wasn’t.

I found that if you have been a bigger individual and lost a good amount of weight, you become scared that you'll end up being that person again. The funny thing about it is, you are still that person just 100lbs lighter. You’re still you.

I have to be the one to love me because if I don't, how can anyone else? “ —Lauren O., body positivity contributor