The Body Project

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The seed for this project was planted in college when I was in recovery for an eating disorder and was surrounded by a close group of female friends of all shapes and sizes.

At the time, I found it impossible to accept and love my body, yet the very aspects I was critical of, I found myself appreciating in my friends’ bodies.

In a film photography class, I explored this dichotomy, photographing my friends’ figures. That work led me to study figurative drawing and painting, reclaiming the figure as a symbol of self-acceptance.

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I developed this project to give local womxn a way to share their stories and celebrate their bodies — to say, this is where I have been in my journey of self-acceptance, and this is where I am. My relationship with my body can be a work-in-progress and a work-of-art all at once.

I am interested in giving the body back its voice.



I’ve currently closed submissions for contributors in their twenties but am still accepting contributors in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. Contribution is on a volunteer-basis and have the option of being anonymous or credited in the work.

If you want to support the project without taking off your clothes (totally understandable) you can shop figure drawings based on contributors for this project here. You can also support me on Patreon or share the project with your network.

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