t w n t y s m t h n g

This on-going collection of prints is inspired by local Nashville womxn in their twenties who have contributed to The Body Project. Shop the prints here, and read more about the work I’m doing with The Body Project here.

 F A Q

Why limited-edition prints?

A limited edition set of four makes it so that each print is exclusive and rare — a collector’s item. One of four in the world. When I sign your print, I’m making the promise that once the design’s four editions are printed, the design will be retired and never printed again.

What is “varied” referring to?

Varied means that of those four prints available, each one may vary in size depending on the needs of the collector.

Who are these womxn?

Scientists and artists. Grad students and Jack White fans. Social workers and dog-lovers. Engineers and taste-makers. They live in and around Nashville and wanted to contribute their stories + narratives diversify the celebration of bodies and contribute to an on-going conversation on self-acceptance.

What else can we expect from this Project?

I will continue to add varied limited-edition prints to TWNTYSMTHNG over the coming months, as I continue to work on paintings inspired by the same set of womxn.

After the collection of paintings launch and exhibit, I plan on repeating the process in the future with womxn in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Each print is made to order, and you can expect about a two-week turn-around on all orders.

What if I want a size that is not offered?

This prints are meant to be enjoyed on a larger scale. If you want a size that is not listed, as long as it’s larger than 11x17 inches, I am happy to work with you.